Seth Davis

Northeastern Technical College

"I'm a lot smarter than I thought I was. Now I can see myself pressing forward to do more than what I thought I could back in the day."

My name is Seth Davis. Straight out of high school I came to tech and I was like, “I’m going to see how I like it.” I started my CNA back in the day, but got a little bit stubborn. My step-dad, who works in the industrial field, said, “Hey I know you like to travel. I know a company who does traveling industrial work.” The next week, I went in for an interview and got the job as a manager trainee and they sent me to Tennessee for training. Thirty-four states later, I have over 500,000 travel miles under my belt. 

A few years later, I was tired of spending 300 days on the road living in hotels and eating fast food. I decided to explore getting back into the nursing program at Tech — and here I am. 


What motivated you to get back in school?

Working three years on the road, I saw all different types of lifestyles. I’ve been all over the country. A lot of people who work on the road don’t have much schooling. My brother, who is a RNBS, said, “Once you’re out of school and get your RN, you can establish a career where you can plant your feet and carry it on forever.”


What’s something you had to overcome on your journey? 

I’ve had to overcome being stubborn. Straight out of high school, I had a “make money” mindset. I took a big risk going from working on the road and making money to basically being a full-time student and giving up that steady stream of income. Having a supportive family standing behind me builds me up and gives me drive. They have been behind me 120 percent, reminding me, “Hey you got this. Don’t look back. Keep your eyes forward. Stay on the straight and narrow and do it.”


What have you learned about yourself along the way? 

Back in high school, I was a boots-and-blue-jeans kind of guy. I didn’t really want to do anything other than get out of high school. I grew up on a farm. I always wanted to be a farmer and follow in my grandaddy’s footsteps. I never saw myself fully committing to being a nurse. Coming back to Tech, I’ve learned that I’m a lot smarter than I thought I was. Now I can see myself pressing forward to do more than what I thought I could back in the day.


What advice do you have for others on their journey? 

Follow your heart, it will tell you where to go. I thought I was going to be wearing hard hats and blue jeans for the rest of my life. Follow your heart and pray.


Who has inspired you to keep going?

My brother has always been a role model for me ever since I’ve been a kid. He doesn’t have the strongest stomach in the world, so when I went into a hospital setting I said, “If he can do it, I can do it.”