Ervin Dease, Jr.

Northeastern Technical College

"AT NETC you’ve got great people trying to help you reach your goals and dreams. It’s a great place."

My name is Ervin Dease, Jr. and I’m studying industrial electronic technology. I decided to get my diploma and continue my education because I want to better myself. I was born deaf and struggle with speaking. Throughout my childhood, I had speech therapy and teachers helping me learn how to speak. I was 47 years old when I earned my GED, but I never gave up. I will graduate from NETC in the spring of 2023. 


What has your tech experience been like? 

Tech has some good people and tutors. They have great people at Tech.


How does it feel accomplishing your goals?

I feel like I’m doing something great for myself by doing what I want to do so I can get a good job.


What are your future plans?

I studied Industrial Electronics, but I am considering another degree through the culinary program. I have good cooking skills from my momma.


What would you like to tell people about technical college?

AT NETC you’ve got great people trying to help you reach your goals and dreams. It’s a great place. 


Quotes about Ervin from Meirisa Coleman, NETC Enrollment Center Coordinator:

“Ervin has had to work extra hard in every class compared to other students, but he managed to earn As and Bs in all his classes. He even received an email from one of his instructors saying that he actually finished his math earlier than the other students.

He didn’t realize what a strong person he is — or what a strong student. He was willing to work with all the tutors and instructors. He put in extra hours every single day. Ervin is going to inspire a lot of other students who might be nervous to take advantage of the opportunities we offer at NETC.

I think that is the neatest part of NETC. Because the community is very small, a lot of our students do have a very close-knit relationship with our staff. Like Ervin said, he’s family with one of our staff, but he’s not the only one with those kinds of relationships. A lot of our students have those relationships because of our size and our community, allowing us to be that close-knit with them.”