We believe
there are two
kinds of people
in the world:

Those who settle
for the status quo
and those who defy
expectation. Those who
embrace convention
and those who break
from tradition because
they believe there is
a better way than
the way things have
always been done.

The dreamers and doers defying the odds and redefining their stories.

The dreamers and doers defying the odds and redefining their stories.

The uncertain
the path
and plotting
their journey
as they go.

The disruptors too busy making things happen to be held back by those saying it can’t be done.

We’ve all overcome obstacles
AND barriers in our lives.

We all have dreams, goals and aspirations. We all want the best for our lives, our loved ones and our communities.

It begins with wanting more for – and from – ourselves. This is your moment to do something big and break boundaries.

This is your time to
defy expectation,
design your future
and show the world
what you’re made of.

Not your average education – in a really good way.

We don’t just talk about defying expectation, we live it everyday. From affordability to convenient campus locations to our diverse range of programs, some people might say we’re full of surprises. We like to say we’re full of undeniable benefits. Check them out below.




Average annual full-time tuition for technical colleges in South Carolina


Average annual full-time tuition for 4-year public colleges in South Carolina


Nearly half of all South Carolinians enrolled as undergraduates in South Carolina’s public higher education attends one of our 16 colleges.



90% of our graduates are placed in a job related to their field of study or are continuing their studies and furthering their education.

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